Skanska Group website ranks No. 2 in Webranking 2017

10/27/2017 8:00 AM CET

The Skanska Group website ranks No. 2 in this year's Webranking of the 100 largest companies in Sweden. We are proud of our top placement as the survey is based on stakeholder demands and confirms we are providing the content required by stakeholders.

Skanska AB's Head of Web Communications, Nina Björn, and Skanska Sweden's Country Web Manager, Åsa Hägerlund, receiving the Webranking award.

Confirms we meet stakeholder demands is ranked the second best corporate website among the 100 largest listed companies in Sweden in Webranking – the global survey of corporate websites based on stakeholder demands.

This means we meet most of the needs of typical corporate website stakeholders – investors, analysts, business journalists and jobseekers.

"We are proud of being ranked No. 2 as it confirms we are providing what stakeholders require", says Nina Björn, Head of Web Communications, Skanska. "The Webranking report is an important measurement of our website performance and an invaluable tool that we use to continuously improve our stakeholders' experience."

Skanska's performance in Webranking

As seen in the chart below, Skanska has been among the top 4 in Webranking of Sweden's 100 largest listed companies for the last five years. This year, Skanska is ranked No. 2 among all Swedish companies and No.1 in our industry, Construction & Materials. See the Top 10 list below.

About Webranking

Established 1997, Webranking is Europe’s leading survey of corporate websites and the only global ranking that is based on stakeholder expectations.