Skanska Group website wins Webranking 2015-2016

12/2/2015 4:30 PM CET

Our Group website wins this year's Webranking of the 100 largest companies in Sweden. We are proud to be ranked no. 1 as the survey is based on stakeholder demands and confirms we are providing the content and functionality required by stakeholders.


Confirms we meet stakeholder demands is the best corporate website among the 100 largest companies in Sweden. The new Skanska Group website, launched in March 2015, wins this year's Webranking – the global survey of corporate websites based on stakeholder demands.

This means we meet most of the needs of typical corporate website stakeholders – investors, analysts, business journalists and jobseekers.

"We are very proud of being ranked no. 1 and regard this as confirmation that we are providing what stakeholders require", says Nina Björn, Head of Web Communications, Skanska.

Skanska's performance in Webranking

"Skanska's web presence shows steady progress, increasing its total score with 5.4 points from last year. It is in particular the investor-related information in the 'Investors' section that best meets the stakeholders' needs, which is rewarded with the highest score among all Swedish listed companies ranked", says Helena Wennergren, Director, Comprend.

About Webranking

Webranking by Comprend, established 1997, is the only global ranking based on stakeholder demands. The survey ranks the digital corporate communication of 900 companies around the world every year, measuring how well they meet the expectations of their key stakeholders – analysts, investors, business journalists and job seekers. The companies are selected based on market cap.