Sustainability activities honored with two awards

2/11/2016 1:22 PM CET

Highways England, the government-owned company that operates England’s main highways, recently awarded Skanska UK two prestigious awards – for inclusion and community engagement – as part of its Supplier Recognition Scheme honors. Highways England shares Skanska’s focus on Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) and Corporate Community Investment (CCI), both part of our Sustainability focus.

Our “Changing face of construction” industry event brought together experts to discuss construction’s labor shortage and the need for diverse teams at all levels. Skanska UK President and CEO Mike Putnam is second from left.

Building an inclusive workforce

Highways England presents its Inclusion award to partners "that have created opportunities to bring people into the workplace, developed skills and created an environment where differences are valued and utilized." Skanska UK was recognized for our "overall approach to diversity and inclusion," including having D&I as an important part of our 2020 business plan and implementing awareness initiatives across our projects and throughout our supply chain.

"Winning the Inclusion award from a customer that shares our values and vision for improving Diversity and Inclusion in our industry is a fantastic achievement," said Skanska UK Executive Vice President Harvey Francis. "This recognition is testament to the work we have been doing to create a culture of Diversity and Inclusion, not only within Skanska but with our partners and supply chain."

Engaging with communities

Skanska UK also received Highways England's first Communities prize for our engagement and work with community groups at the M1 Junction 19 project in central England. Our activities included going beyond contractual requirements to provide regular project updates and support for local businesses affected by road closures.

"This is great recognition for everyone involved in the M1 Junction 19 project," said Skanska UK Managing Director James Richardson. "This team has really focused on engaging and understanding the local community and responding to their needs."

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