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2/2/2017 12:30 PM CET

It’s a multitasking world, and Studio is the building equivalent of that. You can stay in the boutique hotel, take a meeting in the offices below, have a meal and catch a performance – maybe it’s dance – in the ground floor exhibition space, and cap the day having a drink on the rooftop bar with views of the Öresund strait.

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Studio is a different kind of building. It is a creative, dynamic and green environment intended to inspire, connect, entertain and rejuvenate. It is the new place to meet in Malmö, in southern Sweden.

"What happens if you use a building differently?" asks Skanska's Marie Persson. "Can you create a positive effect for our customers and their co-workers?"

This was Skanska’s thinking as we developed and built Studio. Every aspect of Studio is focused on maximizing interactions between people of different types. Out of those interactions come ideas, and experiences.

See and be seen

For example, a staircase in the naturally lit atrium is not just stairs – instead, it is lined with comfy seating areas for fikas and casual meetings. This passageway has become a great place to see and be seen.

And to ensure a stream of new people to enliven Studio, there is the 96-bed hotel, three restaurants and publicly available meeting rooms and a “black box” multifunctional space. Regular programs – including lectures, pop-up exhibitions and performances – are held in the black box.

"This property will live around the clock," says Skanska’s Camilla Weislander.

Rent a desk for a day

Half of the 20,000 sq m building is offices, but offices of all different types to reflect the diversity of Malmö’s companies. Desks can be rented for a day in a co-working space; unique "box" offices are for up to 20 employees; and there are more traditionally sized offices for larger companies.

Studio’s integrated setting attracted software company BIMobject.

"We are a global company, so colleagues coming to visit can stay in the hotel and be down in the office in a minute – that is a great concept," says BIMobject's Stefan Hansson.

Being responsible

Beyond what this 14-story building is and its central location, how we created it and are operating it is very important too.

Prefabricated wall sections helped reduce waste while improving the safety and quality of construction. And with highly energy efficient features and more parking spaces for bikes than cars, Studio is on track to achieve three Green certifications, including LEED Platinum.

For so many reasons, Studio is right for Malmö, and right as a model for connecting people and cities through places to work and meet.

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