Update on Skanska Brasil

4/15/2016 10:00 AM CET
Press release

As previously announced authorities in Brazil have involved Skanska Brasil in the investigations related to Petrobras in Brazil. In relation to these ongoing matters, Skanska has been notified that the Federal Government in Brazil has brought a civil lawsuit against seven companies, including Skanska Brasil, and seven individuals unrelated to Skanska.

According to the lawsuit a joint venture partner of Skanska Brasil has colluded with Petrobras directors and Skanska Brasil is notified of having participated in, or benefited from, such acts.

The lawsuit is for damages and penalties on a joint and several liability basis amongst the 14 defendants. At this stage it is not possible to determine if Skanska Brasil is liable and if found liable it is not possible to determine the amount of damages and penalties.

The federal government has filed a request that the lawsuit remains confidential.

In July 2014, Skanska announced that it would wind down its operations in Latin America to exit the market. As of March 3, 2016, Skanska has no remaining operations in Latin America.