Skanska builds energy-positive office building in Trondheim, Norway, for NOK 370M, about SEK 390M

1/9/2017 7:30 AM CET
Press release

Skanska has signed a contract with Entra to build the world's northernmost energy-positive office building in Trondheim, Norway. The contract is worth NOK 370M, about SEK 390M, which will be included in the order bookings for Skanska Norway for the first quarter in 2017.

Powerhouse Brattørkaia will be located on one of Trondheim's most attractive sites. Architecture and aesthetic expression is steered by the sun as an energy source and the mantra "form follows environment." The result is an entirely new architectural expression, which hopefully will arouse and inspire innovation. The building will comprise 15,700 square meters of office space, of which Skanska will lease 2,300 square meters. In addition to this, 2,500 square meters of underground parking will be built.

The building will achieve BREEAM NOR Outstanding, the highest rating in environmental certification system. It will be the first new office building in Norway, which produces more energy than it consumes, and must under the Powerhouse definition produce more clean and renewable energy than needed for construction, production and transportation of building materials, operation over a life cycle of 60 years and finally disposal. Optimal use of sun and sea water for heating and cooling, as well as an extremely low energy consumption, is required to fulfill the requirements.

Skanska is the general contractor for the project. The construction will start in April 2017 and the office building will be completed in February 2019.

Skanska Norway focuses on construction and civil engineering operations. The unit has approximately 4,000 employees. In 2015, Skanska Norway reported revenue of about SEK 12 billion. In Norway, Skanska is also active in development of residential, commercial properties and public private partnerships (PPP) projects.

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