Skanska launches virtual classroom for health and well-being

4/23/2018 8:30 AM CET
Press release

Skanska’s annual Safety Week is this year dedicated to “Health and Well-being”. As part of increasing awareness around what affects our mental health and our well-being, Skanska will be launching a virtual classroom developed by Spinview in cooperation with Swedish brain researcher Katarina Gospic. Employees will there be given the possibility to learn more about the brain and it’s functions.


Employees that aren’t feeling well or are suffering from stress can have a hard time focusing, which can expose themselves to risks. These can be both physical and mental. Not finding the time to relax and wind down leads to exposure to long-term stress which can affect the overall health and well-being. At a construction site a lack of focus can also lead to serious accidents taking place.
“We have a long-term strategy for health and safety that is deeply grounded in our values where ‘Care for Life’ is one of the corner stones. Dedicating Safety Week 2018 to expand our focus to raise awareness around health and well-being is a natural step in taking a holistic approach to our employees work environment”, says Neil Moore, Senior Vice President Health and Safety, Skanska. 

Skanska will through the campaign “Relax. Recharge. Reset.” create awareness of and start a dialogue on health and well-being. One aspect that will be explored is how the brain functions and how pressure on the brain has been elevated by digitalization both in society and work-life.

As a part of raising the awareness of health and well-being Skanska has developed an immersive virtual wellness classroom using virtual reality (VR) with Spinview and brain researcher Katarina Gospic. Here employees will be able to learn more about how various situations affect the brain and how they can increase well-being through regular relaxation, sleeping and recovery.

“The digitalization of society puts new demands on us as an employer. No matter what we work with, we all live in society with a high flow of information that is constantly distracting us. We need to explore how that affects us and learn how we all adapt to the conditions in today’s society and work-life”, says Neil Moore.