Skanska builds bus depot in New York, USA, for USD 480M, about SEK 4.9B

1/10/2023 7:30 AM CET
Press release Non-regulatory press releases

Skanska has signed a contract with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority to build the new Jamaica Bus Depot in Queens, New York, USA. The contract is worth USD 480M, about SEK 4.9B, which will be included in the US order bookings for the fourth quarter of 2022.

The project includes the design and construction of the new LEED certified bus depot facility as well as the demolition of the existing Jamaica Bus Depot.

Designed to accommodate the transition to a 100% electric bus fleet, the new one-story bus terminal will include 272 standard bus equivalent parking spaces, three bus washing lanes, two chassis washing stations, an interior bus washing station, fifteen maintenance bays and rooftop bus parking.

The work will additionally include the construction of a new three-story administrative building on the northwest end of the site that will connect to the new depot via an enclosed bridge.

Work is slated to commence in January 2023 with expected completion in December 2026.

Contact: Maritza Ferreira, Vice President - Communications Civil