Skanska builds Solitude tailings buttress in Globe, Arizona, USA for USD 60M, about SEK 630M

4/11/2023 7:30 AM CET
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Skanska has signed a contract with mining company BHP Copper Inc., to construct the Solitude buttress main civil works project at the Solitude Closure Tailings site in Globe, Arizona, USA. The total contract value is worth USD 60M, about SEK 630M, which will be included in the US order bookings for the first quarter of 2023.

The project includes improving the stabilization of a historic tailings embankment while eliminating the potential for future dam slope failure-related risks from natural disasters. It will improve the site to meet international safety standards and requirements established by the Canadian Dam Association and Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management.

Construction will commence in April 2023 and expected completion is March 2025.

Contact: Andreas Joons, Media Relations Manager
Telephone 0104490494