Skanska providing upgrades to Norfolk International Terminal in Virginia, USA, for USD 59M, about SEK 610M

3/13/2024 7:30 AM CET
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Skanska, in a joint venture with McLean Contracting Company, has signed a contract with The Port of Virginia to provide upgrades to the Norfolk International Terminal North Wharf in Norfolk, Virginia, USA. Skanska will include its share of the contract worth USD 59M, about SEK 610M, in the US order bookings for the first quarter of 2024.

The project enhances the terminal’s infrastructure for the fifth largest container port in the United States. Upgrades include the demolition of existing marine wharf fenders and mooring hardware, followed by the installation of new fenders, mooring bollards, a steel sheet pile toe wall, wharf repairs, and mooring dolphins. Also included is the installation of a new 120’ gauge ship-to-shore crane rail.

Work will commence in March 2024 with expected completion in January 2026.

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