Anette Frumerie steps down as President of Skanska Residential Development Nordic

4/27/2012 9:00 AM CET
Press release

Anette Frumerie has decided to step down as the President of Skanska’s Nordic residential-development unit, Skanska Residential Development Nordic.


Richard Hultin, in parallel to his current position as the Vice President with responsibility for residential-development operations in Skanska’s Group Management, will immediately assume the role of acting President following the departure of Anette Frumerie.


"Anette has submitted her resignation and I now wish to thank her for her positive and intensive efforts for Skanska and our residential development in the Nordic region," said Johan Karlström, President and CEO of Skanska. "During her tenure, Anette has created increased market focus, a more streamlined organization and has generated some profitable transactions for Skanska. She was appreciated at Skanska and I wish her all the best for the future."