Skanska Preliminary Year-End Report, 2000

1/25/2001 11:22 AM CET
Press release

Strong growth in core business
- Order bookings rose by 31 percent
- Order backlog rose by 72 percent to SEK 160.7 bn
- Net sales rose by 37 percent till SEK 108.0 bn
- Operating income in the Group’s core business rose by 65 percent to SEK 4.4 bn
- Operating income totaled SEK 7.2 bn
In the income statement, the item called ”Items affecting comparability,” which is part of operating income, was lower than last year, amounting to SEK 2.4 bn (3.3)
- Income after financial items totaled SEK 8.5 bn
- Net profit per share rose by 43 percent to SEK 53.60
Claes Björk, President and CEO of Skanska, commented on the Preliminary Year-End Report: “We had good growth in our core business during 2000. Because of strong order bookings, especially from the United States and Sweden, and new input from acquired businesses, we are optimistic about developments in 2001.”

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