Skanska sells two properties at Uppsala Entré, Sweden, to SPP Properties

10/2/2012 8:30 AM CET
Press release

Skanska has signed an agreement with SPP Properties regarding the sale of the Fålhagen 70:1 office property and the Fålhagen 70:2 garage property in Uppsala, Sweden. The transaction is being conducted in the form of a sale of the companies owning the properties, whereby the purchase consideration was calculated based on the combined property value of SEK 537 million. The transaction will be recognized in profit in the fourth quarter of 2012 and takeover is schedule for December 2012 for the office building and the second quarter of 2015 for the garage.

Uppsala Entré

The office building comprises a total of 16,600 square meters of leasable office and retail space and the largest tenants include Uppsala Municipality, Coop Sweden, Ernst & Young, Btwentyfour and Länsförsäkringar. The garage will comprise 155 parking spaces. Both properties are fully leased.

The properties are part of the major transformation taking place in the area around Uppsala Station, including new platforms, a refurbished railway track, a new terminal and a central passage under the tracks. A new Radisson Blu hotel has also been built and the construction of new housing is just beginning.

"We are delighted to have created attractive workplaces, certified to Green Building and LEED Gold standards, adjacent to the Uppsala Travel Center. The building’s compliance with, for example, SPP Properties' high standards for energy performance, is also particularly pleasing," says Joachim Holmberg, Business Development Manager, Skanska Sweden.

Skanska has guaranteed the building's energy performance through the application of the construction industry’s jointly developed contract terms for ensuring energy efficiency in buildings, Energiavtal12, which was drawn up by Sveby. This means that for a three-year period Skanska will be responsible for energy monitoring, management and ensuring that the targeted energy performance is achieved.

By providing an energy guarantee, Skanska will ensure that the green characteristics designed into the building will also be achieved in the long-term management of the building and that the knowledge transfer from the contractor to the ultimate owner is assured.

"For us as an investor in modern properties characterized by low risk and long-term cash flows, it is important to have full confidence in the designed consumption being achieved. Through Skanska offering us this solution, we were able to minimize our risk while ensuring that the environmental standards will be met," says Maria Loft, CEO, Storebrand Fastigheter AB.