Skanska Year-End Report, 2001 - Strong cash flow and financial position

2/14/2002 12:40 PM CET
Press release Financial reports

Full-year 2001 results in brief, billions of Swedish kronor unless otherwise stated, with comparative figures for 2000:
# Order bookings: SEK 152.7 bn (127.0)
# Order backlog: SEK 158.6 bn (160.7)
# Net sales: SEK 164.9 bn (108.0)
# Operating income in construction-related services and project development – the Group’s core business: SEK 2.5 bn (4.4)
# Income after financial items: SEK 1.1 bn (8.5)
# Cash flow from operations: SEK 3.5 bn (1.3)
# The Board proposes a regular dividend for the 2001 financial year of SEK 3.00 (3.38) per share
Claes Björk, President and CEO of Skanska, comments on the full-year results:
“Earnings during the fourth quarter improved as expected, compared to the previous quarters of 2001. Cash flow from business operations was very strong and totaled SEK 2.5 billion in the fourth quarter. This represented an increase of 50 percent compared to the same period of 2000. We have thus also further strengthened our financial position.”

Link to the complete Year-End Report (requires Acrobat Reader)