Report from Skanska’s Annual Shareholder’s Meeting

4/3/2008 6:03 PM CET
Press release

The following decisions were made at Skanska AB’s Annual Shareholder’s Meeting in Stockholm today:

The dividend for 2007 was approved in accordance with the Board’s proposal of SEK 5.25 per share (preceding year SEK 4.75) and an extraordinary dividend of SEK 3.00 per share (3.50). The record date for the dividend is April 8, 2008.

Sverker Martin-Löf, Jane F. Garvey, Finn Johnsson, Sir Adrian Montague, Lars Pettersson and Matti Sundberg were reelected members of the Board of Directors.

Johan Karlström and Bengt Kjell were elected new members. Stuart Graham, Anders Nyrén and Curt Källströmer declined reelection.

Bengt Kjell is Executive Vice President of AB Industrivärden. Johan Karlström is the President and CEO of Skanska as of April 3.