Six Month Report, January−June 2012

7/19/2012 8:00 AM CET
Press release Financial reports

- Order bookings increased by 27 percent and totaled SEK 61.6 billion (48.4).
- Order bookings were 13 percent higher than revenues during the 12 months ending June 30.
- Order backlog increased 16 percent and amounted to SEK 161.1 billion (139.4).
- The ongoing operating income increased to SEK 1.8 billion (1.6). This excludes the restructuring costs of SEK 380 M in the Residential Development and, in the comparative period, the capital gain of SEK 4.5 billion from the sale of the Autopista Central in Chile.
- The operating margin in Construction amounted to 2.4 percent (2.8).
- Operating cash flow amounted to SEK –4,255 M (2,305), with positive cash flow of SEK 5,383 M from the sale of the Autopista Central included in the comparative period.
- Investments in development operations increased by 56 percent to SEK –7,917 M (–5,082). Net investments, excluding the sale of Autopista Central in the comparative period, amounted to SEK –2,765 M (–3,212).
- Operating net financial assets amounted to SEK 2.3 billion (8.4).

Contact: Pontus Winqvist, CFO
Telephone +46104488851