Three month report, January-March 2006

4/27/2006 8:33 AM CET
Press release Financial reports

January-March 2006 compared to January-March 2005

- Revenue amounted to SEK 26.8 billion (25.5). In Construction, revenue rose by 5 percent adjusted for currency rate effects.
- Operating income for the Group amounted to SEK 610 M (1,043).
- During the period, commercial properties with a value of SEK 606 M (1,514) were divested, with gains amounting to SEK 209 M (480).
- Income after financial items amounted to SEK 668 M (1,099).
- Profit for the period amounted to SEK 494 M (813). Earnings per share thus amounted to SEK 1.18 (1.94).
- Interest-bearing net receivables amounted to SEK 10,668 M (6,826).
- Operating cash flow before change in interest-bearing assets and liabilities amounted to SEK -589 M (-464).
- Order bookings amounted to SEK 27.4 billion (23.4). Adjusted for currency rate effects, order bookings rose by 11 percent.

- After the end of the quarter, an agreement was signed on financing Barts and The London, a hospital redevelopment project in the United Kingdom.
- As of today, (April 27) , Skanska has carried out property divestments worth SEK 750 M during the second quarter, with capital gains amounting to SEK 536 M.