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Center for Integration of Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics (CIMIT) MRI Installation

  • Center for Integration of Molecular Imaging and Therapeutics (CIMIT) MRI Installation
  • UMMC MRI Scanner Room
  • UMMC Lab Room

This project includes preconstruction and construction management services for very complex 2,000-SF of clinical equipment space. This project was centered around the installation of a new GE 3T MRI, Insitech MR Guided Focused Ultrasound, and GE Hyperpolarizer Spin Lab in an existing Radiology suite in UMMC’s Weinberg/IPHB building. The suite was surrounded by occupied and heavily used corridors and departments. This project included auxiliary research equipment utilizing the GE platform. Radio/frequency, magnetic, acoustic and vibration shielding was required by this project as well as utility and structural upgrades to the existing infrastructure. Design and construction was completed within a tight schedule under seven months.

Project Challenge
There was a unique challenge in that the new MRI space sat on the line where two buildings came together. Although close to the loading dock, very intricate down-to-the-hour scheduling was required with multiple stakeholders including the hospital, GE, multiple subcontractors, and design team for the MRI delivery, including scaffolding two levels down to the foundation since the building was unable to withstand the weight of the MRI on the delivery path. The delivery was ultimately successful.


Pamela Monastra
SVP, Head of Communications
Skanska USA Inc.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Medical, healthcare and welfare
Start date: 2013
Completion date: 2014
Clients: University of Maryland Medical Center
Country: United States
City: Baltimore
Project status: Completed