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Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

Sustainability and green

In partnership with the National Property Board of Sweden, we are working to create an environmentally friendly and green museum. The refurbishment will maximize energy-efficiency for Nationalmuseum, and the National Property Board of Sweden has decided to certify the building under the EU’s GreenBuilding Program. This means that the building’s energy consumption must be reduced by at least 25 percent.

The building’s cooling needs are met by locally produced deep water source cooling. Selected, energy-efficient electrical installations and the new windows will help to reduce energy consumption.

The renovation of Nationalmuseum also complies with the Silver-rating requirements of the Sweden Green Building Council, where possible. This environmental performance classification covers the areas of energy-efficiency, indoor environment and materials. The Sweden Green Building Council system is not currently adapted for the certification of older historic buildings.

During the demolition work, hazardous substances that were used in the past will be uncovered. We will decontaminate all sections that we can access, document the building materials we use and make sure that hazardous substances are removed.