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Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, West Riverfront Park Redevelopment

Safety education activites

There were no lost time accidents on the project. The team had a very strong Injury Free Environment® (IFE®) culture. IFE is a cultural aspect of Skanska’s safety program, which promotes a work environment intolerant of injuries and incidents and goes beyond standard safety practice in the USA. Various IFE orientations and training sessions were held for Skanska and subcontractor workers, as well as IFE Supervisor Skills training. One employee was recognized each month for safety excellence and the team had a project board where everyone posted photographs of their families, which served as a reminder of the importance of returning home safely. Other health and safety initiatives included ‘stretch and flex’ sessions every morning to warm up before work followed by coordination team meetings and pre-task planning, which included safety considerations, before commencing particular tasks.