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A pedestrian & cyclist bridge over the San river

Rotate 90

To place the object over the water, after platform assembly, the bridge was rotated 90 degrees. The installation of the steel pylon was conducted due to very specified assembly plan, which included lifting the object with two cranes (100t and 300t). After plumbing, the pylon was placed on the special construction prepared from the steel profiles, creating the “runway” and allowing the rotation to be made. Additionally, the pylon was backed up with the temporary construction providing the sliding support, which was rotating together with the attached bridge’s platform on a special steel slide. To provide stabilization, the support was additionally burdened by a 30t load. The rotation was executed by two servomotors, providing the force and the control during the rotation. Moreover, the Teflon spacers and specific lubricant were used to minimize the friction during the rotation. The last phase of construction works were the static and dynamic load tests, conducted with 70 tons load and a participation of 80 people. The deflection and object movements were monitored during the proof load with the participation of cyclists and pedestrians. As safety is our biggest value, all those actions led to make sure that all the measured indicators were within the safe norms, predicted in the project.