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Poznań Western Bypass (stage II)

  • Poznań Western Bypass
  • Poznań Western Bypass
  • Poznań Western Bypass
  • Poznań Western Bypass
  • Poznań Western Bypass
  • Poznań Western Bypass
  • Poznań Western Bypass
  • Poznań Western Bypass

Skanska was responsible for another stretch of Poznań’s western bypass – from Rokietnica to Swadzim. Previously, the company completed the first stage, a 14.3 km stretch from Swadzim to Głuchowo. The western bypass has eliminated some of the transit traffic in Poznań and has contributed to a significant reduction of travel time from the municipalities located to the North and West of the city to those lying to the South of the county. In addition, the presence of the bypass affects the economic development of the adjacent area.

Within the project scope, Skanska completed a 5.3 km long stretch of a two-lane expressway. Each roadway is 10 m wide and has two lanes of traffic (each 3.5 m wide), an emergency lane (2.5 m wide) and an outer shoulder (0.5 m wide). 

The contract was a great engineering challenge. It assumed the construction of a three-span bridge for the length of the road no. S11 over the Samica River and two twin-span viaducts: - WD 12 over the road no. S11 for the length of regional road no. 184, - WD 13 for the length of district road no. 2421 Poznań-Sady, over national road no. S11.

As part of the investment, a 1.8 km long section of the surface of national road no. 11 was improved. 5.6 km of access roads were renovated, 1.4 km of crossroads, the Kobylniki interchange, as well as a full range of plumbing and electrical works was completed.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Civil
Start date: 2013
Completion date: 2014
Clients: General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways
Country: Poland
City: Poznan
Project status: Completed


Gen. Ignacy Prądzyński Award