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Revitalization of the district of the Lower Town in Gdańsk

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Revitalization works carried out by Skanska in the framework of the project had a significant impact on the improvement of the aesthetic qualities of the 17th-century district of the Lower Town, creating a leisure and recreation space for locals and tourists visiting Gdańsk at the same time.

The investment included a reconstruction of roads and underground infrastructure, land development and rebuilding of residential buildings in the streets: Łąkowa, Wróbla, Dolna, Kieturakisa, Kurza, Śluza, Radna and Toruńska.

Along Łąkowa street and Wróbla street, a unique avenue of Swedish whitebeam was recreated. In addition to this, a new foot/driving/cycling way was created. On the north pavement, a tramway track was kept, which, in the future, may be used for the purpose of and antique tram-fleet exhibition.

As part of the renovations, took place a modernization of 865 meters of water-pipe network and sanitary sewage system, and 1.5 km of storm water drainage. Skanska also rebuilt a total of approximately 1.5 km of roads. Furthermore, 17 municipal and 14 community buildings were renovated.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Recreational
Start date: 2014
Completion date: 2015
Clients: City of Gdańsk
Country: Poland
City: Gdansk
Project status: Completed