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Cambridgeshire highways services

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Cambridgeshire highways services

  • Cambridgeshire highways improvement

Cambridgeshire Highways is a partnership between Skanska and Cambridgeshire County Council.

The ten-year contract maintains 1,700 miles of carriageway, 1,400 miles of footways and cycleways and 1,276 structures.

It includes:

  • Surfacing and surface treatment works and patching
  • Drainage and gully maintenance
  • Sign maintenance
  • Grass and vegetation cutting
  • Emergency response and winter service
  • Street lighting
  • Gully cleansing and drainage jetting
  • Safety inspection repairs
  • Kerbing and paving works
  • Footway construction and resurfacing
  • Patch repairs to carriageway and footways

Major infrastructure improvements

We also provide a range of design, construction and supervision services to deliver major infrastructure improvements, such as:

  • Junction improvements
  • Cycle ways
  • Link roads
  • Safety improvements
  • Bridge strengthening
  • Building new structures


Service: Construction, Operations & Maintenance
Mark segment: Roads
Start date: 2006
Completion date: 2027
Clients: Cambridgeshire County Council
Country: United Kingdom
City: Cambridge
Contract value: 360 M GBP
Project status: Ongoing