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Somerset flood defence

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Somerset flood defence

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Somerset flood defence

In response to the major flooding seen across Somerset in early 2014, Skanska has delivered part of the Somerset Levels and Moors Flood Action Plan. The plan was coordinated by Somerset County Council and originated by the UK government.

Reducing flood risk

The scheme at Beer Wall has been delivered in three phases, designed to reduce flood risk in the Sowy and Kings Sedgemoor Drain river systems. 

The team raised a 500-metre stretch of road by over 1.2 metres at its lowest point, in Muchelney. This should maintain road access to the village if there is a repeat of the flooding that left the village cut off for a prolonged period.

The team created four new culverts at Beer Wall. The culverts allow water to pass under the road and feed back into the existing drainage provision, preventing the road from flooding. In 2013, the A372 was flooded at Beer Wall for several weeks and then closed to accommodate emergency pumping. 

Crucial work

The work is critical to ensuring the ongoing resilience of the highway network and helping to minimise the impact of future flooding on local communities.

Our teams were on the ground from the start, providing emergency response and civil contingency services. Once the flooding subsided, we remained onsite to repair the highway.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Construction material
Start date: 2014
Completion date: 2015
Clients: Somerset County Council
Country: United Kingdom
City: Somerset
Project status: Ongoing