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Peterborough LED street lighting

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Peterborough LED street lighting

  • Peterborough

Energy reduction and cost savings

Peterborough City Council is upgrading 17,000 streetlights to energy-efficient LEDs.

Peterborough Highway Services, which is a 10-year partnership between the council and Skanska for the provision of highway maintenance services, will carry out the work.

By installing more LED street lights in Peterborough, the council hopes to be able to make financial savings of £25 million over 20 years.

The upgraded lights are expected to achieve a reduction in the amount of energy used of almost 73 per cent.

Precise control

Digital control units, known as central management systems (CMS), will be installed in every lamppost. This enables engineers to monitor the performance of every light, as well as detecting and fixing faults quickly.

The benefits

• Converting to LED reduces energy usage by up to 73 per cent
• Maintenance costs reduced by up to 70 per cent
• Clearer, more focused lighting decreases light pollution
• Faults reported automatically, allowing engineers to respond faster


Service: Operations & Maintenance
Mark segment: Street lighting
Start date: 2016
Completion date: 2019
Clients: Peterborough City Council
Country: United Kingdom
City: Peterborough
Contract value: 25 M GBP
Project status: Ongoing