What does your office space say about you? The fact is that a building can say a great deal about you as a company. Citygate is an office building that takes sustainability to a whole new level. It cares about its tenants and strives to make Gothenburg an even better city to live and work in.

Tallest Office Building in the Nordic Region

Citygate is going to be a new landmark in Gothenburg. From the top of the tower, you’ll be able to gaze out over the city from a whole new perspective. The focus here is on people’s well-being—a healthier way of living and working. Citygate is going to be environmentally certified by LEED® and WELL certified for its healthy workplaces.


Address: Fabriksgatan 2, Gothenburg
Construction start: 2018
Completion: Summer 2022
Area: 42,000 m2 (450,000 sf)
Floors: 36
Height: 144 meters
Website: citygate

Choose a place with values

Citygate is an office building that is characterized by openness and innovative thinking, one that wants to lead the way to true sustainability, both ecologically and socially. This ethos permeates everything here from the building’s architecture and technology to its offerings and amenities. But you can also see it in our deep commitment to a number of other projects in Gothenburg that aim to reduce alienation among young adults. In other words, Citygate is no ordinary office building. It is so much more. Or as we like to say: It’s a place with values.

Offices full of opportunity on every level

Citygate, office building at Ullevimotet E6, Gothenburg
Flexible office interior design att Citygate, Gothenburg

Relax, get to work, or get a fresh perspective

Citygate is designed to be a natural hub and meeting place that invites new social contacts and business connections. We offer functional intelligence, first-class service, and modern solutions that really work over the long run. 

The lower levels of the building will offer attractive services and amenities such as restaurant, meeting places, office support services, and co-working spaces that promote new meetings between people and businesses.

Find your place in a building that cares about Gothenburg

When you lease a space in Citygate, you get a number of benefits into the bargain that are good for you as a tenant and good for the city around you. You know that the building sets a new standard in terms of environmental and social sustainability, which demonstrates your commitment to a better world, both locally and from a broader perspective. You can read here about some of the projects Citygate is part of.

Lectures and field trips

By hosting field trips and informational lectures, we’re sparking students’ interest in the urban development industry and bridging the gap between school and working life.

Urban planning part of the curriculum at Angered Upper Secondary School

A class of students from Angered Upper Secondary School is getting an opportunity to follow along with the development and construction of Citygate over the course of three years in lectures and field trips.

Collaboration between Angered and Hvitfeldtska Upper Secondary Schools

Students from schools in different neighborhoods get a chance to meet and work together on educational projects that deal with urban planning and development.

Advising Young Entrepreneurship and Language Introduction Programs

We support students in language development and academic motivation, and we help them present their ideas at a Young Entrepreneurship conference.

Mentoring through Open House

We serve as mentors who meet regularly with youths, providing them with models of working life and support with things like composing a resume or preparing for an interview.

Homework help

We help students advance from lower to upper secondary school by offering help with homework and language support through the Red Cross.

Focus on school

At Sjumila School we’re sparking students’ interest in the urban development industry. We offer them field trips and lectures on the Citygate construction site.

Research and thesis projects

Citygate contributes to research in social sustainability by offering opportunities for university students doing their thesis projects.

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Bike, light rail, bus, or car

Citygate is strategically located at the Ullevi junction in the Gårda district, directly adjacent to the E6/E20 highway. It’s easily accessible by any form of transportation. By car, just exit the highway and park. By bike it takes less than 10 minutes from downtown, and you can ride straight into the building and park in our big bike garage. It holds 500 bikes, with showers and changing rooms and even a bike repair shop. Light rail, bus, and commuter rail links are walking distance away, which makes it easy to get to and from Citygate in the most sustainable way.

Close to everything in Gårda

Citygate is a new meeting place in Gårda, an attractive district with big plans to expand right alongside Gothenburg’s major event venues. There are going to be new hotels, residential buildings, and offices in the years ahead. Gårda is already a vibrant area full of businesses, schools, restaurants, cafés, and shops. And the Mölndal river runs along the length of the district, offering beautiful and relaxing places to stroll.

Citygate: a tall building with a broad social agenda

Skanska’s Citygate project is going to make its mark on the Gothenburg skyline. With a total of 42,000 m2 (450,000 sf) of leasable space, it will be the tallest office building in the Nordic region. But it will also stand apart for its social sustainability agenda, which has been developed in collaboration with the City.

Follow us!

Follow along on our quest to become the tallest office building in the Nordic Region.
Here you can see the different phases of the project, learn more about the building’s contents and concept, and meet some of our future occupants.
And you can already enjoy the view from the 36th floor!




Henning Larsen: Architecture that makes a difference

Henning Larsen Architects has had a long love affair with Sweden, and from their studios all kinds of things come to life. At the moment the firm is engaged in no fewer than four Swedish projects, one of which is Gothenburg’s new landmark, Citygate.

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