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Beaverton School District, New Middle School

  • To meet immediate needs for additional classroom space, Skanska partnered with Beaverton School District to prefabricate large elements of the new middle school.
  • Beaverton Middle School
  • Beaverton Middle School
  • Beaverton Middle School
  • Beaverton Middle School
  • Beaverton Middle School

Skanska performed preconstruction and construction management services for the new Beaverton Middle School, a 166,000-SF school built to house up to 1,100 students. The two-story school has a daylight basement comprised of structural concrete, steel framing and precast concrete panels. The building features classrooms, science labs, library, main and auxiliary gymnasiums, alcove courtyards, outdoor learning space and a terrace attached to the art room. Interior features in the common areas and cafeteria include exposed concrete elements such as stairs and floors, as well as large windows to provide natural day light. A pedestrian walkway connects the north and central wing on the second floor. The project has a sizable site package that includes baseball, football and soccer fields as well as a covered play area on the 16-acre site. The school will function as a transition school until 2020, housing students from different schools as the Beaverton School District is completing district-wide upgrades and expansions. It will then be turned into a Middle School. 


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Education, Schools
Start date: 2015
Completion date: 2016
Clients: Beaverton School District
Country: United States
City: Beaverton
Project status: Completed