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American Geophysical Union Headquarters

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American Geophysical Union Headquarters

  • American Geophysical Union desires a building that reflects their mission to promote discovery in Earth and space science for the benefit of humanity. Skanska is delivering a state-of-the-art, net-zero energy, sustainable building that will serve the scientists of today and tomorrow.

Skanska completed this state-of-the-art retrofit of the five-story, 62,000-square-foot American Geophysical Union (AGU) headquarters in Washington DC. AGU is an international non-profit scientific association with 60,000 members, "embracing not only the joys of science, but the appreciation of the wondrous mechanisms that make our planet function." Wanting their headquarters to reflect their mission, this project was undertaken with a key objective to be as sustainable as possible, both as an example and an inspiration for their members.

The full-building renovation design includes a mixture of modern workspaces and cutting edge meeting and conference facilities that incorporate the most advanced technology and sustainable features. Some of the innovative solutions considered for the project include municipal waste heat recovery systems, fiber-optic light infusion, radiant ceiling systems, solar concentrators and an active "Living Wall" bio-filtration system to filter and treat indoor air. The project reached its goal of net zero energy by incorporating these measures, along with numerous other features that will vastly reduce energy consumption and produce positive energy. 


Net Zero Energy Building (NZEB)


Pamela Monastra
SVP, Head of USB Communications
Skanska USA Inc.


Service: Commercial development, Construction
Mark segment: Offices
Start date: 2017
Completion date: 2019
Clients: Confidential Owner
Country: United States
City: Washington D.C.
Project status: Completed