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Riverside Museum bespoke ceilings

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Riverside Museum bespoke ceilings

  • Clark and Fenn, part of SRW worked on the iconic Riverside Museum in Glasgow
  • SRW work on the Riverside Museum ceilings followed the contours of the building
  • The high-quality interior finish in the Riverside Museum enhances the experience for visitors
  • Following the building curves required our specialist ceiling expert Clark and Fenn to create bespoke moulds

Creating an iconic ceiling in a new venue

Glasgow’s Riverside Museum presented a once-in-a-lifetime project. Working together, SRW and subsidiary Clark and Fenn Skanska used industry-leading methods to install a ceiling that follows the roof curvature of this iconic venue.

To produce the ceiling efficiently, mould schedules were created for the ‘ridge’ and ‘valley’ profiles, using flatbed castings. This includes a shadow-gap feature to create space for recessed lighting. Production of the casts was scheduled to suit the site installation programme across five construction zones.

3D modelling

Prior to installation, our engineers used three-dimensional virtual modelling, working in collaboration with Zaha Hadid Architects. Clark and Fenn Skanska interpreted the design to develop 2D drawings to manufacture the casting moulds. 

Minimising risk

The onsite management team developed control measures for working at height, using mobile access platforms to minimise risk and improve safety for the specialist workforce. This approach is now being used on other projects within Skanska and when we work with other contractors. 

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Service: M & E Installations, Refurbishment
Mark segment: Museums
Start date: 2009
Completion date: 2010
Clients: BAM Construction Ltd. for Glasgow City Council
Country: United Kingdom
City: Glasgow
Project status: Completed