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The Sørkjosen Mountain Tunnel

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In Sørkjosen in the county of Troms in northern Norway, Skanska has constructed a 4.5 km mountain tunnel, which will be the second longest tunnel in Troms. The tunnel replaces today's E6 stretch, which is about 10.5 km long. In addition to the Sørkjosen Tunnel, we have built approximately 15 km of open air road running both south and north of the tunnel.

Today's road crossing Sørkjosfjellet is narrow, winding and hilly. The Sørkjosten tunnel will make it safer for road users to travel between the north and south side of the mountain, while shortening travelling time between Finnmark and Troms.

The project started in 2015 and the Sørkjosen Tunnel is expected to open for traffic in early 2018.



Service: Construction
Mark segment: Civil, Underground/tunnels, Roads, Asphalt works
Start date: 2015
Completion date: 2018
Clients: Statens Vegvesen Region Nord,Kontaktperson: Byggeleder Ken Johar Olaussen, tlf. 979 68 933, Contact
Country: Norway
City: Sørkjosen
Contract value: 435.6 M NOK
Project status: Completed