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Parkview - The Capital’s Golden Peak

The nine-storey building features an elegant glass facade and floor-to-ceiling windows on every floor. The building has a U-shaped floor plan, providing natural daylight for more than 80% of working stations within 7m of windows.

The generous entrance atrium is decorated with natural elements and accents of solid wood. In its center is an island full of greenery, used for relaxing and sitting with a cup of coffee, for quick meetings with guests as well as for corporate presentations. The overall impression of the atrium is complemented by nine-meter mature trees and a light installation by contemporary artist Marek Číhal, interpreting clouds and rain that lights up the building at night.

For tenants, there are balconies on each floor and a spacious roof terrace with a spectacular view of Prague Castle and, in good visibility, Mount Říp. The placement, views, and mood of the terrace make it perfect for corporate events.


Service: Commercial development
Mark segment: Offices
Start date: 2018
Completion date: 2020
Clients: Skanska Property Czech Republic s.r.o
Country: Czech Republic
City: Prague
Project status: Completed