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Lidl Headquarter

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Lidl Headquarter

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  • Lidl HQ

Situated in the northern area of Bucharest, in Aviatiei neighborhood, the compound has 15.576 sqm of modern offices in three buildings, 238 parking places, 40 bicycle parking places and 7 charging station for electric cars.

An innovating and complex project that implements the most advanced construction technologies. The building complex is projected and certified to be as eco-friendly as possible. It includes green and even recycled materials.

Considering that Romania is one of the first countries at European level, which has a great energy potential from the exploitation of geothermal energy resources, a geothermal well installation was implemented in this project, facilitating the reduction of the costs for the future operation. Geothermal energy is a green, renewable energy without having any negative impact on the environment.

Other green technologies used for the cooling and heating installation are cooling beams and heat recovery. The use of cooling beams leads to a much lower maintenance cost than the use of conventional heating and cooling systems used in office buildings (eg fan coils).

Regarding "Green" solutions in electrical installations, we mention the use of LED illumination, which leads to reduced electricity consumption.

In order to use solar energy, photovoltaic panels have been installed on the parking vault. In view of the wider use of electric cars, special plugs will be installed to charge the batteries of the cars.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Offices
Start date: 2016
Completion date: 2017
Clients: Lidl Romania
Country: Romania
City: Bucharest
Project status: Completed