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New place in the center of Wrocław

We combine perfect location, which brings all the Wrocław directions together, with modern architecture and innovative solutions. Nowy Targ is a place open for the city and business, connecting new technologies, comfortable office and amenities. This is a new meeting place in the city. 

Inspired by the commercial history of the area and the idea proposed by architect Jan Gehl, we would like to cater to the needs of walk lovers. The frontage of the building will hold boutiques offering different services to passersby. The multitude of choices encourages you to slow down and allow yourself a moment of pleasure.

Nowy Targ comes with providing comfort for the tenants first. Spacious and full of daylight office space combined with green patios and terraces offer a variety of choice for everyone. Nowy Targ project is the first one, where we decided to use chilled beams on regional markets. It’s a system ensuring perfect parameters inside office buildings.

Area: 21766 sqm
LEED Certification: Platinum
Number of above the ground levels: 7
Number of underground levels: 2
Number of parking spots: 196
Architect: Maćków Pracownia Projektowa
Delivery date: Q2/Q3 2019


Aleksandra Kalina
Leasing Negotiator
Skanska Property Poland Sp.z.o.o.


Service: Commercial development
Mark segment: Offices
Start date: 2017
Completion date: 2019
Clients: N/A
Country: Poland
City: Wroclaw
Project status: Ongoing