Nowy Rynek in Poznan


The Nowy Rynek investment is a multiphase project that will consist of 5 buildings with functionalities ranging from office, retail to residential. Our desire is to create a new city centre to be a place for everyone, for meetings, leisure and entertainment.

The Rynek is a place where all residents’ paths come together. A space to be used by everyone to the same extent even though everyone may want to use it differently. No other place on the map of the city has such a city-forming power like the Rynek.

Out of the city in the neighbourhood


That is a place you see at first when you leave the train and walk to the city. It is a place you pass by when you walk from the railway station to the centre and then further towards the oldest part of Poznań. Just a few steps away from the Old Brewery (Stary Browar) and just a few minutes’ walk from the Fairs Halls.

It is a place surrounded by parks on the one side and the historic buildings of the Wilda district on the other. Located at the point where the most important communication lines cross, it is in the heart of the most dynamically developing part of the city.

Common space


When designing Nowy Rynek, we took care of the places that are conductive to integration and maintaning natural bonds. The most important thing is always born in contact with another person.

Obraz15.png Central city square

 Open passages

 Green chillout zones

 Leisure areas and outdoor gym

 Bicycle racks and repair station

 Shops and services


Creating the city


The complex of buildings is open by Building A on the side of Matyi street. With a wide scope of modern solutions it provides comfort to the people working and living there.

Total area: 11 100 sqm

Typical floor: 1 970 sqm

Retail area: 1 375 sqm

Parking spaces: 125

In the centre of everything


The Nowy Rynek is a place where different paths shall cross and entwine different stories. Here, business shall meet entertainment, technology shall walk hand in hand with environment friendliness, work shall live with recreation and culture shall coincide with sport.
Building B already has its tenants and owners.

Total area: 23 500 sqm

Retail area: 2 625 sqm

Parking spaces: 267

We expanded the Market


Building D is a perfect combination of office and retail functions.
The building is applying for LEED, WELL and "Building without Barriers" certification.

Total area: 33 435 sqm

Retail area:  1 380 sqm

Parking spaces: 261

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The new is coming


Building E provided approximately 28,500 sqm of modern and healthy office space, confirmed by the most demanding environmental certificates

As this phase of the project is delivered, employees and residents are able to enjoy a central marketplace connecting all the buildings in the complex.

Parking spaces: 234

Delivery date: second quarter of 2023

Nowy Rynek E for the planet

Nowy Rynek E is a sustainable building which:

  • produces energy from renewable on-site (photovoltaics)
  • has energy efficiency features (chilled beams, decrease of air speed in selected AHUs, increased heat recovery, energy efficient chillers)
  • has an onsite rain water retantion system – used to water plants and flush toilets

Nowy Rynek with certificates

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