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Retirement home Malten, Sollentuna

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Retirement home Malten, Sollentuna

  • Skanska is building a green retirement home in Sollentuna.

Stockholm's greenest retirement home

In Silverdal in Sollentuna, Skanska is building a retirement home consisting of 54 apartments on three floors. The floor space is approximately 5,000 square meters.

Skanska has been involved in developing large parts of the neighborhood Silverdal. The retirement home Malten is one of the last properties we build in the area.

A site that required extra planning

Skanska has owned the plot for a long time but it has remained undeveloped. Finding a functional construction for the site was a bit of a challenge. Both the geometry of the site and the noise-exposed location, next to the railway, required extra planning. In May 2018, however, the discussion about a retirement home was raised with the municipality and a tenant. One year later, in April 2019, we started the project.

Contaminated soil

We started by sanitizing the contaminated soil; the old masses needed to be replaced by new ones. The next step was construction of the foundation and the basement. In the fall of 2019, the prefab framework was erected. Tenants are welcome in November 2020.

Green and sustainable project

Right from the start we decided to build a very green and sustainable building. We have worked according to Skanska's own model, the Green Map, with the goal of achieving the highest level - dark green. The property will be the first dark green retirement home in the Stockholm region, and we hope to be able to draw conclusions that will be valuable on our journey towards climate neutrality in 2045. The retirement home will also be certified according to LEED, gold level.

The property will have a very low energy consumption where cooling and heat are extracted from drilled holes in the ground. Solar panels on the roof will generate more energy than the building consumes. The retirement home is built exclusively with sustainable building materials, and no building waste goes to landfill.

As part of the sustainability work, Skanska's green concrete is used. By using slag instead of cement during the manufacturing process, carbon dioxide emissions are reduced by 50 percent.

Dialogue and transparency

A major challenge in the project has been to fulfill all the requests from the municipality and the tenant without compromising sustainability. Through dialogue and transparency we have landed in a product that we are all proud of.

Safety and logistics

The fact that we are building in a residential area has required extra consideration. Furthermore the location of the site complicates logistics, meaning we have to plan transportation carefully. For example, we have been trying to minimize reversing movements of vehicles by separating the entrance and exit of the site.

Social sustainability

We strive to work with social sustainability in the project, and have had an intern from the area who needs help to get into the labor market. The goal is to be able to help the person to an employment.

Moving in November 2020

In November 2020, the first tenants will move in to the retirement home Malten. They will be met by bright apartments overlooking the courtyard. Skanska has sold the property to SPP Fastigheter, and Attendo will operate the retirement home.


Hanna Olofsson
Construction Contract Manager
Skanska Sweden


Service: Project development, Construction
Mark segment: Welfare facilities
Concept: Green
Start date: 2019
Completion date: 2020
Clients: Skanska Sverige AB
Country: Sweden
City: Sollentuna
Project status: Completed