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Sjösättningen, Malmö

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Sjösättningen, Malmö

  • This building houses a preschool and a retirement home. Image source: Tema Arkitekter.
  • The rental apartments in Sjösättningen. Image source: picture of Arkitektlaget i Skåne and MK 3Design Studios.
  • The condominiums in Sjösättningen. Image source: Fojab.

Social agenda for a better society

Sjösättningen is a large block in Västra Hamnen in central Malmö. Skanska builds retirement homes, preschools and commercial premises. We also build rental apartments and condominiums in different sizes. 

Social sustainability has been in focus from the start. The launch is a pilot project for the City of Malmö that wanted to explore how they, together with developers, can create added value in urban development. The city highlighted social demands in the land allocation and, together with Skanska, has set up a common agenda to add value during all stages of the project. The work is based on the Malmö Commission's recommendations for a socially sustainable city, where, among other things, children and young people's conditions for growth and urban cohesion are pointed out as important issues for the future. 

The social agenda was developed in a number of workshops where Skanska played a leading role and many of the city's administrations participated. Between the meetings, the results have been processed and recast into an ambitious roadmap with many measures, both in the design of the neighborhood and social efforts throughout the project.

Meetings across district boundaries

How can Sjösättningen contribute to uniting Malmö? One way of connecting different parts of the city, is to lease a commercial premise with a reduced rent to a business from Rosengård. Yalla Trappan is a work-integrating social enterprise and women's cooperative, which creates jobs for women born abroad with little or no work experience. They offer their existing knowledge and skills through services such as cooking, cleaning and sewing. The result is growing self-esteem and independence. 

In Västra Hamnen, Yalla Trappan will offer catering and other services. The new premises provide an opportunity to expand the business and employ more women who get the chance to move around in larger parts of the city. Another result is human encounters between residents from Västra Hamnen and Rosengård, which opens up for trust and understanding.

Bicycle service for green travelers

Another initiative that unites forces from business, the public sector and civil society is Skanska's collaboration with the meeting place and the incubator STPLN. It provides sustainable values both socially and environmentally.

STPLN stimulates activity in technology, culture, crafts and art. They have an open business with recycling workshops that arrange courses and workshops. One of them is Cykelköket, a workshop with tools and courses where people can come and fix their bikes.

Skanska engages STPLN as part of the neighborhood's focus on sustainable mobility. They are furnishing bicycle workshops in the basement of the block Sjösättningen. After moving in, residents are invited to mechanic workshops and bicycle inspections. The idea is to help the residents find their way to the workshops and learn how to service their own bicycle, which contributes to sustainable travel behaviors. 

Skanska's collaboration with STPLN thus provides several good values. We engage a non-profit actor who activates the residents and encourages sustainable choices in everyday life. In addition, Skanska is planning for a mobility pool that can be used by all residents in the neighborhood, with electric freight bikes and electric cars. 

Social inclusion through jobs and education

A third focus is to counteract exclusion from the labor market and promote young people's education and employment. During the construction period, Skanska, together with the subcontractors, offers apprenticeships and internships to approximately fifteen people who are far from the labor market. They gain knowledge and experience that brings them closer to a job.

Skanska also wants to increase schoolchildren's interest in the construction industry, a sector where many interesting qualified jobs await in the future. That is why we have initiated school collaboration with Kunskapsgymnasiet. The students have participated in "speed dating" with Skanska employees in various roles on the construction site. This is a way to provide insight into the everyday life of a construction worker and motivate young people to study for future jobs in technology and construction.

Requirements in land allocation the right way to go

The pilot investment in Sjösättningen provides great insights for both Skanska and the city. One conclusion is that rewarding social sustainability already in the land allocation, helps the municipality to include more different values linked to the financial income from land sales. When social requirements are set in procurement, private actors get involved in creating societal benefits and building a long-term sustainable city.


Carin Malmgren Egermayer
Development Manager
Hans Fransson
Business Developer
Skanska Sweden
Tomas Adilstam
Business Developer


Service: Commercial development
Mark segment: Kindergartens, Welfare facilities, Residential, Rentals
Start date: 2019
Completion date: 2021
Clients: Vectura (äldreboende och förskola), KPA Pension (Hyresbostäder)
Country: Sweden
City: Malmö
Project status: Ongoing