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Norra Vitsippan, Salem

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Norra Vitsippan, Salem

  • All roofs in Norra Vitsippan are equipped with solar heating panels or solar cells.
  • Norra Vitsippan's homes are modular wooden houses from BoKlok, which are factory-built with a low climate footprint.

Skanska's first rental project that reaches net zero energy

In Salem outside of Stockholm, Skanska Hyresbostäder is developing a residential area for its first rental block with a net zero-energy building.

The 108 apartments are a welcome addition of newly produced rental housing to Salem municipality. With Norra Vitsippan, Skanska, together with the future property owner NREP, is facing two societal challenges: the growing housing shortage in the metropolitan regions, and the construction and real estate sector's significant share of society's climate impact.

80 percent less energy

The innovative HYSS system, Hybrid Solar System, combines the renewable and locally produced energy types solar energy and geothermal heating with a smart control system.

Solar panels generate hot water that is used to streamline the heat pump and recharge the boreholes with heat during the summer. This counteracts depletion of energy in the rock, and a high effect is ensured in the system during the winter months.

In total, HYSS reduces the need for purchased energy for heating and hot water by as much as 80 percent compared with conventional heating of apartment buildings. The system reaches an annual efficiency for both heat and hot water of 5 (SCOP-Combi), which is unique for the heat pump industry. Supplementary solar cells generate the electricity that the houses require for a year, and excess electricity is sent out to other users on the electricity grid.

The result is net zero energy use; in one year at least as much energy is produced as the houses use.

Safety and co-determination

Norra Vitsippan is being built according to Skanska's own platform Sustainable Rental Housing, which secures a sustainable project in a broader sense. For example, the focus is on creating a safe neighborhood.

After safety walks and analysis of the outdoor environment, Skanska has developed, for example, adapted lighting that provides security throughout the hours of the day and all seasons of the year. Pedestrian and bicycle paths have well-thought-out connections to the nearby green area so that residents and surrounding residents can pass safely. The lanes are planned to create flows of people and strengthen the feeling of safety.

We value dialogue with people in the nearby residential area during the construction project. The neighbors have been invited to an open house during ongoing production, to meet representatives from Skanska and the future property manager NREP. We answered questions and listened to the Salem residents who are affected by the development.

Steps towards climate neutrality

The houses in Norra Vitsippan are built with the lowest possible climate footprint during the production phase. The machines at the construction site are powered by biofuel. The homes are modular wooden houses that are built at BoKlok's Swedish factory in Gullringen and placed on house foundations made of Skanska's green concrete.

All in all, Norra Vitsippan will be a significant step forward towards Skanska's goal of climate neutrality by 2045, and a project at the forefront of the rental housing industry.


Anders Degerstedt
Business Developer


Service: Residential development
Mark segment: Rentals
Start date: 2020
Completion date: 2021
Clients: NREP
Country: Sweden
City: Salem
Project status: Completed