Sthlm 04

Sthlm 04


Rhythmic office spaces 

It’s been said that “architecture is music frozen in the moment”. We agree. The sun light reflects on small glass pucks on the white façade, which gives the impression that the walls shift in color as the day go by. The house feels alive and rhythmic.



Eights floors give space to smaller or larger companies to plan their offices based on their needs and wishes. Sthlm 04 offer more than spacious, light rooms with large windows and impressive ceiling height – also big roof terraces with plants and a view over the city.

Sthlm 04 – fast guide

Address: Hammarbybacken 31

Total area for rent: 12 000 sqm

Office sizes: From 700 sqm and larger

Number of floors: 8

Parking: Garage for bike and car in the house.

Environmental certification: LEED Platina

Architect: Gatun Architects

Restaurant and café: Run by Fazer

In the area: Hotel, services and restaurants.

Communications: Light rail, metro, bus, ferries and close to traffic routes.

Move in date: After agreement


Creative Stockholm has moved south

The cities innovative companies have gathered in a new district south of the Hammarby canal – in Sthlm New Creative Business Spaces.

This urban place offers a special atmosphere, the old harbor mixed together with the city pulse of Södermalm and the calm green areas nearby.

Sthlm New consist of seven new, different buildings with their own special characteristics and personality. Which of the seven is your favorite?

Sthlm 04 – a landscraper

Like a skyscraper. But lying along-side the ground. Eight office floors with a wavy shape that are emerged with the topography of the hill. This is a house you notice – that much we can ensure you.

Flexibility is one of our key words. The office floors can be divided and adapted after your wishes and needs. Meet up with colleagues or friends in the lobby´s restaurant or café. Or linger in the lobby where some of the walls consists of only windows and the ceiling height takes your breath away. When the workday is over enjoy the evening on one of the roof terraces with a view over the city.   

More than just a lobby

The lobby is spacious with a lofty ceiling height and windows from floor to ceiling, which makes it as light as the day itself. All the materials have been chosen with greatest care – wood panels, luminaires and balustrades. If you work in a creative business, then you know the importance of the setting for informal meetings. This is the place you want to stay and linger; run into people you know or work independently. You could also pick up a coffee in the café or go for a bite in the restaurant.

”The café might be the most productive place in the whole house.”


”Runners High” around the corner

All of the houses in Sthlm New are designed to have a positive impact on the employee’s well-being. Everything from materials, to the ability to exercise, are carefully planned.

Running is an activity that attracts many of Stockholm´s office workers. This area has many running tracks to offer and therefore it never gets too crowded. There is one beautiful track around Årstaviken where you also have the possibility to stop at the outdoor gym outside Eriksdalsbadet. Or do you prefer uphill running? In that case Hammarbybacken is just around the corner with its steep 93 meters above sea-level.  


Good commute opportunities

One big benefit of working here is the location. The light rail passes just outside the entrance. Gullmarsplan is located about 350 meters away, with both metro and busses. 800 meters from Sthlm New you will find Skanstull, that also offers metrolines and busses. In a couple of years, the new metro line will have a station entrance just next to Sthlm 02. Additionally, there are commuting ferries that stop at Nybroviken.

If you go by car, Nynäsvägen and Södra länken is just one exit away. Or if bike is your kind of transportation Sthlm 01 has a very large and modern bike garage, and a changing room with showers and lockers.    

Sthlm 04
Sthlm 04
Sthlm 01 och 04 från Hammarbybacken
Sthlm 01 och 04 från Hammarbybacken
Sthlm 01 och 04 från Hammarbybacken
Sthlm 01 och 04 från Hammarbybacken
Sthlm 01 och 04 från Tvärbanan
Sthlm 01 och 04 från Tvärbanan
Sthlm New Creative Business Spaces från Södermalm
Sthlm New Creative Business Spaces från Södermalm
Entré med restaurang i Sthlm 04
Entré med restaurang i Sthlm 04
Kontor med utsikt mot Södermalm
Kontor med utsikt mot Södermalm
Gemensam takterrass på Sthlm 04
Gemensam takterrass på Sthlm 04
Översikt Sthlm New Creative Business Spaces
Översikt Sthlm New Creative Business Spaces
Översikt Sthlm New Creative Business Spaces
Översikt Sthlm New Creative Business Spaces

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