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Port Karolína

Sustainability and health come first

We prepare all our projects according to the international BREEAM certification, which evaluates the project's impact on the environment and its overall sustainability. Port Karolína has a whole range of technological solutions that save its owners a significant part of energy and water costs.

In the area between the houses of the first and second stages of the project, there are landscaping with pedestrian paths, grassy areas, trees, shrubs and a cascading water feature.

The public space works with a number of principles supporting the plant and animal diversity of the urban landscape - areas of natural meadow plants, local trees and also elements that provide refuge for many species of insects, reptiles, amphibians and birds have found their place here. On the ground floor, the visitor will find birdhouses, an insect hotel or a stone wall for small animals.

The space is functionally complemented by spaces reserved for shared cars and bicycle stands, which support eco-mobility. Bicycles are also a welcome means of transport for the bike path that leads in the immediate vicinity of the project. As a further support for eco-mobility and bicycle transport, we have placed a service bicycle stand next to the cycle path.