Green solutions energy

  • Optimisation of energy consumption – Green Day is equipped with the modern building management system (BMS) managing the optimal energy consumption within the building. Moreover, the façade and all installations were designed to maximize the energy efficiency of the building.
    • Energy-efficient lighting system (energy-saving fluorescent lamps), movement detectors managing the lighting system in common areas of the building, in toilets, and the “daylight control” system in leased areas (the system adjusting the light intensity inside the building to the amount of natural light coming from outside).
    • „Freecooling” system, i.e. using cool outside air to cool office areas in colder periods of the year.
    • Adiabatic humidifiers – consuming less primary energy than steam humidifiers, they use thermal energy, the generation efficiency of which is higher than of electrical power (less carbon needs to be burnt in order to generate 1kWh of heat than electrical power).
    • High-efficient system of heat recovery used in ventilation units.
    • Energy-efficient lifts with heat recovery systems used when braking.
  • Green energy – the building is provided with energy having certificate of origin from the renewable source.