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Växjö station and town hall, Växjö

Sustainability and green

A signature building in wood

In Växjö, Skanska has built Växjö station and town hall. The building, which is 16,400 square meters, contains modern workplaces for the municipality's employees and a station with a waiting room as well as shops and restaurants.

Växjö's new meeting place

Skanska and Vöfab have developed the project in partnering. The wooden building with two sloping facades and large areas in glass has quickly become Växjö's new meeting place and signature building.

The town hall is 13,770 square meters and there are about 600 workplaces and several common areas. The station building is 1,850 square meters and the building's remaining 780 square meters consist of a public meeting place for residents and visitors called Växjö's living room.

Unique wooden building

In April 2018, construction began on Växjö station and town hall. The building is one of its kind as it is mostly built of wood. However, this has led to some challenges as wood is a living material; movements and deformations can occur. In addition, wood is sensitive to moisture. To reduce the risk of moisture damage during the construction process, we decided early on to use weather protection.

Weather protection with built-in traverses

In April 2019, the weather protection from Denmark was installed. The protection had built-in traverses in the roof, which made it easier to lift all building materials into place. The weather protection covered the entire project and has protected the construction from weather and wind. In addition, the work environment has become much more comfortable for the employees on site. The weather protection was removed when the facade was finished, in the spring of 2020.

Seven storeys high

Växjö station and town hall, which is seven storeys high, has been built with pillars and beams of glulam. The exterior has a double glass facade while the basement and stairwells are concrete.

Miljöbyggnad, level Gold

The station and town hall is built according to the certification Miljöbyggnad, level Gold. To reach this high level, requirements are made on everything from daylight, radon and energy consumption to moisture-proof construction, a good indoor climate and environmentally approved choices of building materials.

The building's wooden frame also has a lower energy consumption than what is required in building regulations by the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.

Completed in February 2021

In February 2021, Växjö station and town hall was completed. In May, the town hall was inaugurated, and in August the station opened up for travelers.