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Čtvrť Emila Kolbena

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Čtvrť Emila Kolbena

  • Čtvrť Emila Kolbena
  • Čtvrť Emila Kolbena
  • Čtvrť Emila Kolbena
  • Čtvrť Emila Kolbena
  • Čtvrť Emila Kolbena - Rohlik Point
  • Čtvrť Emila Kolbena - projektová identita
  • Čtvrť Emila Kolbena - terasa
  • Čtvrť Emila Kolbena - střešní terasa k loftovému bytu

Modern Prague district

The originally industrial part of Prague retains the unmistakable genius loci of the recent industrial past. At the same time, thanks to city development plans and developers' activities, it is gradually becoming a modern Prague district. New housing, complete civic amenities and opportunities for sports and artistic activities - these will be the main characteristics of New Vysocany soon.

It will also include Emil Kolben's new district - a five-stage residential project that is growing on the Vysočina brownfield.

Benefits of living

Nice surroundings of the house, a park with a playground, a nature trail and a quiet and safe public space with opportunities for community and sports activities. All this is offered by the newly emerging district.

In all our houses you will find a room for washing muddy bikes, prams or pets. The weather no longer limits you when moving outside!

The undeniable advantage of living in the Emil Kolben district is its location just a 3-minute walk from the Kolbenova metro station.

Uniqueness and identity

In addition to the increasing demands on the quality of buildings and a healthy indoor environment, the emphasis on the development of public space is growing.

A total of four Emil Kolben Columns will be gradually installed in the public space of the newly emerging district, reminiscent of the legacy of the famous businessman and innovator. The author of the four works is the Czech sculptor Matěj Hájek, who, in collaboration with the landscape architecture studio LAND05, also participated in the design of the entire public space in this newly growing district. The first installed implementation is the Resistor sculpture. He deliberately used the old marking for the resistor symbol, which is still used in electrical marking in the United States. It thus refers to the turning point in Emil Kolben's work overseas.


Service: Residential development
Mark segment: Apartment buildings
Start date: 2018
Completion date: 2022
Clients: Skanska Reality
Country: Czech Republic
City: Prague 9
Project status: Ongoing