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Börsen H1, Kiruna

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Börsen H1, Kiruna

  • Image from the architect of the building.
  • The construction site in winter time.

Green office in the heart of Kiruna

In Kiruna, Skanska is developing an office building called Börsen H1. The property will be situated in the new Kiruna center, next to the city hall. With its central location, Börsen H1 will become an important part of Kiruna's urban development. The house will be six stories high, where each floor is approximately 1,000 square meters.

The concept is flexible and well-thought-out, meaning that the property can easily be adapted in order to fulfill requests from tenants.

Started in 2021

We started the project in the fall of 2021. The office building is being built in two phases. During the autumn and until winter, the foundation was laid and the slab was cast on the ground. Then we took a break during the long cold winter. In the spring of 2022 we assembled the framework of the building.

The walls were prefabricated in Luleå and shipped to us. By midsummer 2022 we had finished the exterior, and after the summer vacation we began with the interior work.

Sustainable and green

Börsen H1 is one of our most sustainable properties in northern Sweden. Börsen H1 is developed according to Skanska's system, the Green Map. We also have high sustainability requirements regarding climate, energy performance and chosen materials, as well as waste and water management. The office building will have a very low environmental impact. We provide the property with solar cells on the roof, and the goal is that the building should be self-sufficient in property electricity.

The property will be certified according to LEED gold. LEED seeks to promote a transformation of the construction industry through strategies designed to achieve seven priority goals.

Interesting tenants

The property’s flexibility opens up for different types of tenants. As soon as Börsen H1 opens its doors, a number of tenants will move in, such as the Swedish National Courts Administration, the Swedish Prison and Probation Service and the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority.

As these tenants are not like your average office tenant, we need to adapt the premises to their unique activities. In close collaboration with the tenants, we create premises based on their requests and safety requirements.

When Börsen H1 is inaugurated in 2023, it will be an important part of Kiruna's new city center. In order to create a safe and inviting place, we make sure there is sufficient lighting around the property.

There are plans for more projects and a possible sister property to Börsen H1 in the block called Börsen.


Service: Commercial development
Mark segment: Offices
Start date: 2021
Completion date: 2023
Clients: Skanska
Country: Sweden
City: Kiruna
Project status: Completed