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Nya Konst, Göteborg

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Nya Konst, Göteborg

  • The Artistic Faculty's new building seen from Götaplatsen.

The University of Gothenburg brings together all art education

On behalf of Akademiska Hus, Skanska is carrying out a large renovation and new construction project for The Artistic Faculty at the University of Gothenburg.

The new construction includes a cube-shaped building at the corner facing Götaplatsen and an elongated building along Johannebergsgatan. In the corner of Johannebergsgatan and Olof Wijksgatan, an entrance from the Västlänken station Korsvägen is integrated into the building. The new buildings will have a total area of 35,000 square meters.

At the same time, the existing building Artisten, dating from the 1990s, is being renovated to meet the needs of the future. The renovation covers approximately 11,000 square meters.

Students and staff from all over the world

The construction project aims to bring together all the art education at the University of Gothenburg and is part of the larger development of Campus Näckrosen, where a strong cluster for arts and humanities is being created. The new building will accommodate students, researchers, and teachers in all artistic disciplines, from design and fine arts to music, performing arts, and teacher education in aesthetic subjects.

The vision is to create a place in the middle of the city that attracts both students and employees from all over the world.

Execution contract in collaboration

The client is Akademiska Hus, and the project is being carried out as an execution contract in collaboration. The University of Gothenburg, which will operate in the premises, is also actively involved in the project. The requirements are high, and the premises are tailored to the specific activities. This includes everything from theaters and music halls in different variations to various types of workshops.

High demands on design

The project is located next to Götaplatsen, adjacent to old buildings such as the City Theater, the Art Museum, and the Concert Hall. This has entailed high demands regarding design. 

Akademiska Hus has had close dialogue with the city planning office to ensure that the building meets the city's requirements. Skanska has worked with samples and colors for the various facade materials to support this process.

Challenges regarding logistics and safety

The location in the city poses significant challenges regarding logistics. The work area is limited, and safety is a priority. Additionally, there are other projects close to the workplace that we also need to consider. 

To enable the project, extensive and complex time and production planning has been carried out. Among other things, an external logistics hub will be established for efficient and precise deliveries, and a high degree of prefabrication will be used. 

Next to the construction site, there are residents, offices and people passing by. This means that we must take significant consideration of third parties during the whole project.

Two climate calculations

Two climate calculations have been developed for the different stages of the project, and based on them, we have investigated possible measures and set goals for the project's climate impact. 

The project is certified according to Miljöbyggnad Gold for the new construction part, and Silver level for the renovation part. We continuously work on selecting materials and making final purchases based on climate impact.

Reuse and recycling

When certain existing buildings are demolished, reuse and recycling come into focus. For example, brick and stone are sent for reuse, and glass is sent for raw material creation for the production of new glass.

Partial handovers in 2025, 2026, and 2027

The demolition of existing buildings began in January 2023 and continued for six months. The next step is blasting and subsequent concrete work for the basement. The assembly of the structural framework will start during the summer of 2024.

The project will be completed in stages with partial handovers in 2025 and 2026. The final completion is scheduled for 2027.


Jimmy Johansson
Project Manager
Region Hus Göteborg


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Higher education
Start date: 2021
Completion date: 2027
Clients: Akademiska Hus
Country: Sweden
City: Göteborg
Project status: Ongoing