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Norra Länken 11

  • Norra Länken 11
  • Norra Länken 11
  • Norra Länken 11
  • Norra Länken 11
  • Norra Länken 11
  • Norra Länken 11
  • Norra Länken 11
  • Norra Länken 11
  • Norra Länken 11
  • Norra Länken 11
  • Norra Länken 11

Norra länken’s tunnels yield major environmental gains for the city

The Norra länken (northern link) tunnel project is an important piece of the puzzle for solving the Stockholm region’s traffic problems. At the same time, it is creating a host of new opportunities for the city and all of its inhabitants.

The National Road Administration Stockholm has given Skanska the task of building two of six subprojects on the Norra länken. One of these subprojects is situated at Norrtull, NL11, and will serve as Norra länken’s entrance and exit to E4 and Uppsalavägen.

We are primarily building a rock tunnel, a concrete tunnel and related road work and are employing an average of 50 people.

We are very proud that the project has been awarded the Swedish Transport Administration’s work environment award two years in a row. The key to our success is that we are continually implementing a large number of activities to reduce incidents and accidents in the workplace.

The project is being carried out at Sweden’s most heavily trafficked intersection, close to the heavily used E4 in an inner city environment, in a small area with numerous restrictions. It also involves one of the biggest risks that the administration has undertaken, namely the safe handling of Karolinska Hospital.

Planning is of critical importance for the safe and efficient implementation of this project. Thanks to careful logistics and long-term planning, we are also anticipating completion of the work 18 months ahead of schedule.

“Everything needs to get done in the correct order. For the rock tunnel, we are working every day of the week, around the clock. Not only so that we disrupt Karolinska Hospital’s operations as little as possible, but also so that we can move forward with other aspects of the project,” says Max Juhlin, District Manager for Skanska Sweden.

Work on the concrete tunnel started after completion of rock tunnel

“It is preferable to work in mild weather conditions, without the cold and snow, which is why we have been working ten hour days, six days a week. By Christmas 2009 we will be finished with the concrete tunnel. Our goal is to be done with the entire project by December 2010,” says Max Juhlin.

Another success factor is that the project has been so heavily staffed. Already at an early phase, a number of key individuals became involved and have continued to work on the project. Many of them had previous experience from the Södra länken tunnel and other similar projects.

Facts about Norra länken

Norra länken extends between Karlberg and Värtan and is the third phase of Stockholm’s ring road for highway traffic. The two previous phases are Essingeleden and Södra länken. Östra länken, the fourth planned phase, is envisioned to extend between Värtahamnen and Nacka.

The environmental benefits from Norra länken are significant since the largest portion of the project runs through underground tunnels. Inner city roads will be significantly unburdened; it is estimated that the amount of traffic along Valhallavägen will be halved.



Max Juhlin
Department Manager
Region Stora projekt centralt


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Civil, Roads, Bridges, Underground/tunnels, Logistics
Start date: 2007
Completion date: 2011
Clients: Trafikverket
Country: Sweden
City: Stockholm
Project status: Completed