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Norra Länken 11

Sustainability and green

Skanska’s work at Norrtull, NL11, is creating a better and more pleasant entrance into Stockholm. Traffic on Valhallavägen, currently one of Sweden’s most heavily trafficked roads, is expected to be reduced by half. In order to prevent an increase in air pollution at the tunnel entrances, air from the tunnels will be vented out through a ventilation tower.

Norra länken runs primarily through tunnels. Once car and truck traffic is fed down into them, it will improve the traffic situation considerably in the Stockholm region.

There will be fewer cars in the inner city and as a result fewer accidents and a safer traffic environment for pedestrians and bicyclists. Noise levels will be lower and carbon dioxide levels will drop.

Norra länken can handle a greater amount of traffic than the current road setup. This will result in improved accessibility and, in many instances, even shorter travel times.

Environmentally friendly choices in our work have also been important. We have actively chosen to use synthetic diesel in the tunneling machines since that is a cleaner fuel and creates better air to breath.

Dustex is a waste product from the forestry industry that we spread out on our gravel roads to bind up the dust. The good thing about this is that the dust binding works for a long time, several months, and is also tolerant of rain. If we had instead used the traditional method of watering, it would only have stayed dust-free for a few days.