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Veterinary and domestic animal center

Sustainability and green

One of the goals is that VHC will be operationally economic, with low energy consumption. Consequently, we have had a green focus from the very beginning.

Environmentally certified building

Together with the customer, we have worked actively with the selection of products, technology systems and energy-effective solutions. The goal is to achieve “Silver” level in the Swedish Green Building Council certification system.

Among other cooperative projects, we have worked with the Swedish organization and database “Byggvarubedömningen” (Environmental Evaluation of Building Projects), to assess materials from an environmental viewpoint.

In its interior, VHC is equipped with occupancy sensors that regulate light, cooling and heat, making it easy to control energy consumption on the basis of requirements.

Reuse of excavation material

When the basement floors were excavated, some of the excavation material was stored near the construction site, and was later reused. This allowed us to save resources and be a little kinder to the environment.