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Waste Management Centre „Selekt” in Piotrów Pierwszy

  • Waste Management Centre „Selekt”
  • Waste Management Centre „Selekt”
  • Waste Management Centre „Selekt”

Scope of the investment works included execution of construction and assembly works, i.e. erection of buildings, umbrella roofs and fire-fighting water tanks as well as water supply networks, technological and storm rain water sewerage system and power supply cable lines together with associated equipment. Waste Management Centre in Piotrów Pierwszy covers the following facilities:

- waste sorting plant realized as a prefabricated reinforced steel structure with retaining walls made of reinforced steel of up to 4,5 meters in height enabling high storage of accumulated waste

- composting facility with adjoining ventilation and concrete biofilter facilities, constituting a single waste treatment technological complex.

Apart from these facilities located within the area of Waste Management Centre, there is a car service workshop and car wash plant as well as direct car weighing facility for motor vehicles with the load of up to 60 tons.


Service: Construction
Mark segment: Building, Water management
Start date: 2010
Completion date: 2011
Clients: Centrum Zagospodarownia Odpadów Selekt Sp. z.o.o.
Country: Poland
City: Czempiń
Project status: Completed