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Passenger departure terminal at the Airport Rzeszów - Jasionka

Constructing the project

Partial basement building with 3 storeys above the ground and one storey under has about 250 rooms and facilities, is equipped with escalator, 6 lifts, 1 service lift for the use of the oversize luggage and two smaller lifts for the use of restaurants located on the first floor.  

The interior is dominated by colour of grey, insulated walls and ceiling elements in beech. Arched ceiling in the main hall of terminal resembles parachute. Ceiling is finished with the acoustic island that not only decorates but also improve the acoustics in building.

Terminal is completed in the shape of „T” letter with the wider part facing to the apron. The facade is dominated by aluminium and glass.  The building was designed as a steel skeleton completed by the monolithic construction of reinforced concrete. About 4000 square meters of the exterior  aluminium fixtures and about 3000 square meters of the interior aluminium fixtures were installed. In the central part of terminal Skanska made the arched roof, in the west and east part o terminal roof is flat.

Arched roof

One of the most interesting elements is the arched roof. It’s steel structure was made of 3500 elements, non of which is repeatable, including over 1000 of bented elements. Within the central axis of building  Skanska installed main girder with more than 60m rangeability. Roof is made of the profiled sheets of aluminium with a width of 40 cm and the lenght up to 70 cm.  Metal sheet was prefabricated directly on the site with the use of special device called roolformer. Equally important architecture element is the eaves made of aluminium panels attached to the steel construction.